- SA_DA Cod.045

Avtens Avt25 SA "Double Action" Cod.045


Free Standing Device model “double action”.

The large loop allows you to wrap it around a fixed point for example the eyebolts on the boat transom, directly on the trailers superstructure, on the forks or the frame of your bike.

Materials Tensioner: technopolymers, stainless steel

Webbing strap: polyester max stretch < 7%, nominal width 25mm, Jacquard personalized “with AVTENS” red logo on black background.

Supplied with 0,40 meters strap with a large loop on one hand, (2x) 1,20 meters strap and Inox Aisi 316 D-ring end fitting on the other.

Working load 250 daN   -   Working load 500 daN

Pre tensioning 100 daN

Breaking Load when new [T 23°C] 3 times the working load

Operative temperature at maximum working load: -30°C + 60°C; without load: -30° +80°C

Compatibility: outdoor use, contact with salt water, contact with fuels

Dimensions and Weight of the device: 85x76x58mm - 170g

Box packed.

Recommended retail price: € 25.40 ex VAT