- How It Works

Avtens Nautical Application


MARVELLOUSLY SIMPLE TO USE: this ergonomic jewel eliminates the familiar problems of obtaining the correct tension and releasing of straps. Importantly, as you will discover with daily use, it eliminates the risk of tangling or painfully trapping fingers both when loading and especially when unloading objects receiving unpleasant backlashes and other problems.

Previously, with other devices, the tension of the belt that guaranteed security made releasing loads complicated and cumbersome.

The patented Avtens system utilises the very same belt tension to assist the release mode with ease and safety, with one simple movement of the finger, release is immediate under all conditions.

You will be pleasantly surprised how the control lever transforms its movements into the right tension for the job at hand, not only because of the reduced movement of the gearing teeth, but also because of the complete lack of friction or stops and starts in its movement.