Avtens Nautical Application


Keep it handy to use everywhere and anywhere for all your needs.

Ready for use in all circumstances, all you have to do is to make the strap form a ring around the load and the support to fix it wherever you wish.

This version has the same mechanism and characteristics as the "fixed" one: you will appreciate the absence of contact between the user and any moving parts, the devices' superior grip and manoeuvrability and the guarantee it offers of a total absence of the risk of hurting yourself when using it.

You will also love the feeling of satisfaction you get transmitted by the unmistakable click of the mechanism and its ease of use: regulating a load's tension is child's play, due the rotation of the winding gear being subdivided in precise notches, along with facility of being able to change in a matter of seconds from the action of rapid loading to the position for release.

Who hasn't experienced the frustration of not being able to slacken the tension on a belt or strap, because the control lever was unable to complete the necessary rotation manoeuvre needed for releasing because of being hindered from doing so by the load itself? This is another problem that has been overcome for good.