- Ergo action

Avtens Motorcycle Application


The ergonomic design assures that the arm's movement remains both natural and proportionate permitting the right positioning of the wrist during the whole manoeuvre.

You will be pleasantly surprised how the control lever transforms its movements into the right tension for the job at hand without any fatigue, also when working in the most restricted space: not only because of the reduced movement of the gearing teeth, but also because of the complete lack of friction or stops and starts in its movement.

The absence of parts that move coming into contact with the user signifies a better handling grip, without the risk of hurting oneself.

Winding and releasing the strap becomes simpler and quicker due to the wide angular stroke of its manoeuvre.

Lastly it provides the solution to a vast number of applications even under limitations imposed by restricted spaces and the fact that the belt never interferes with the execution of manoeuvres or with the users execution of movements.